We are the Westie & Westy !!!!!

Westieって?....West Coast Swingのニックネームなんですよ♪..ウエスティー♪ってね~


2023Dance Session & More...
  • 5/27(Sat) Hustle Session Party ・6:40~9:30-10:00@TOS
  • 5/28(SunWCS Session Party ・6:40~9:30-10:00@TOS
  • 6/4(SUN) ¥1500- Non Stop Hustle Session Party ・7:00-10:00@TOS
  • 6/10(Sat) Hustle Session Party ・6:40~9:30-10:00@TOS
  • 6/11(SunWCS Session Party ・6:40~9:30-10:00@TOS
  • 6/17(Sat) WCS Session Party ・6:40~9:30-10:00@TOS
  • 6/18(Sun) Hustle Session Party ・7:00-10:00@TOS
  • 6/24(Sat) Hustle Session Party ・6:40~9:30-10:00@TOS
  • 6/25(SunWCS Session Party ・6:40~9:30-10:00@TOS
  • ※Please E-mail us , if you need the informations which is the Date ,Time & The Location for the Session and the Lesson 



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